Not Your Average Photography Workshops



I am incredibly excited to present the Not Your Average Photography Workshops series!  


These workshops are designed for photographers and focuses on real photography skills.  The goal of each workshop is to increase your competency and confidence in bringing the images in your heart and mind to life with your camera.  



"I had so much fun at the Light Show class yesterday. I learned so much my head was spinning by the end of class.  I highly recommend any of the classes offered by Matthew. I will be taking more of them this year, without a doubt."


It all starts with Intro to Incredible Photography where you’ll learn basic camera function and begin to unlock an understanding of how your camera interprets the world around you. 




In The Lightshow workshop you’ll learn the methods I use in every single image I photograph to capture and utilize natural, ambient light in beautiful ways. Long gone are the days of simply putting your subject in the shade and hoping for the best.  You’ll learn how to recognize different kinds of light and how to use it.  This workshop will elevate the quality of your images tremendously.  




The What the Off Camera Flash!?!! workshop is one of my favorites!  Here you’ll learn how to simplify the use of off camera light (OCL) and use it in practical and creative ways.  From using OCL as fill to night photography and artistic use we’ll unpack it all.  The goal of this workshop is to demystify OCL enabling you to appropriately use it in a pinch or when you want to get even more creative images.  





After you shoot any photo you HAVE to process it.  Even those JPEGS need some love in post!    In The Lightroom Experience workshop you’ll learn my professional Lightroom workflow from start to finish.  From importing RAW files to exporting for print or social media and everything in between I’ll reveal the techniques I use to ensure a simple, effective yet creative outcome of  your images. 





I will be adding new workshop events VERY soon but for now the final step in your photography evolution are the Not Your Average Photography Workshops Photowalks.  At least 3 times a year you’ll have the opportunity to join me and a bunch of your new friends to shoot along side us and ask questions about whatever skill you’re working on.  Photowalks are an absolute blast and there is always an abundance of information sharing as we wonder around beautiful environments, talk shop and take photos. 


After you’ve attended a Not Your Average Photography Workshops event you’re family.  We welcome you to join us in our Alumni Facebook community.  Members continue to learn and share their success and struggles in a safe and friendly environment built to help continue your growth as a photographer. In the private Facebook group I share exclusive content including videos and discount codes on future workshop events and answer all kinds of questions from members.  It’s a blast!  Alumni also receive FREE access to most photowalks!!




"The photo walk last night was AMAZING. I had so much fun trying out new techniques and learning from the experts. Everyone in the group had something to offer that I learned from. I was so excited to have a chance to try out rim lighting and using silhouettes. Such fun new skills to have. Thanks so much Matthew for sharing your knowledge. Loved getting to know all of you!" 




The Not Your Average Photography Workshops series is specifically designed to follow the most common learning pattern of most photographers.  Most of us start with the basics then move on to using ambient light.  Then, we evolve and begin using off camera light.  And because no photo in todays age is ready to view or print without proper post processing learning Lightroom is an absolute must.  These workshops and photowalks follow that pattern and allow you to learn and practice your skills hands on, along the way.




The Not Your Average Photography Workshops series is designed with learning actual photography as the goal.  We WILL NOT spend time learning how to be cute on social media (mostly because I’m not cute!)  We WILL NOT talk about growing followers on Instagram.  I am not interested in growing a base of social media disciples. I want to teach you how to think on your feet and react to all types beautiful and challenging situations you’ll undoubtedly face along your photography journey.  That said, if you want to learn actual photography in a practical and easily applicable way THESE WORKSHOPS ARE FOR YOU!!!!     



"The off-camera lighting workshop was off the hook. An amazing amount of information was provided, and brought awareness to things not previously thought of. I thank you Matt for your willingness to share your expertise to help others approach the quality of your photographic work." 



Click here for details and a full list of upcoming Not Your Average Photography Workshops events and Photowalks