I fell in love with photographing weddings as a second photographer working for my father in the late 90's.  At first I really didn't understand what I was seeing but I eventually realized how incredible it was.  Being invited into such a significant day is a great honor.  It's an amazing experience to witness an event that's been dreamed of for a lifetime.  It's also a humbling experience to capture and preserve moments that will be enjoyed, remembered and shared for generations.  

My goal as your wedding photographer is to take you back to the day it all happened just by opening your wedding album or just by looking at one of the prints on your wall.  It's to fill you with the joy you felt, the happy tears and sometimes the sad ones, all over again.  I love when someone tells me they were able to view their photos and relive their entire wedding day.  Or when a relative or friend, who I may not have even met that day,  contacts me to let me know they were moved to tears while viewing their nieces, nephews or lifelong friends photos.  


"Matthew, you did such a phenomenal job with everything. I feel like you are family now. You captured exactly how we were feeling throughout the entire time since we met. Thank you so much for helping us preserve some precious memories - Diann, mother of  the bride


"Okay, I won't lie.  I didn't cry the whole day but I did when I saw these!  We love them, thank you so much!" - Irene



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