Award Winning 

Professional Photography






My wife Peggy and I love wedding photography. We love the intimacy of the bride and groom. The bitter sweet emotions of the parents. The excitement of the bridal party. And the pre ceremony anticipation of friends and relatives. We love first looks (yes, we know that can be controversial!) because it's really the only moment during the day when the bride and groom have a few moments alone together.  We love the father of the brides reaction when he sees his daughter for the first time and the mother of the groom when she sees her son is about to officially leave the nest. We absolutely adore the first kiss and the giddiness of the bride and groom as they walk up the isle, grinning from ear to ear, while feeling the somewhat awkwardness of their wedding rings for the first time. The first dance is special but what really shows us a coupes love for one another is later on in the reception, after the bride and groom have one again connected on the dance floor, the way they look at each other after they've had a few hours to realize who they now are to one another.  Husband and wife. We love being wedding photographers. 


"Matthew and Peggy, God truly has a hand in what you do.  You both have wonderful talent and gifts.  We can't thank you enough!"