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I am proud to offer the Fredericksburg and surrounding areas of Virginia, professional photography services in the commercial marketplace.   Professional images to promote yourself and your business using Headshots, Personal Brand, Business and Website Marketing, Glamour and Portfolio, Commissioned Artwork and more are now available from Matthew Thwing Photography.





If your business profile photo is a selfie of yourself in your car... please take it down, I'm begging you!  Even if it's only on your LinkedIn profile, it has to go!  Today's prospective and current clients, employers and the business world at large want to know you're a serious enough person to give their money or companies responsibility to.  Nothing says, "I'm an amateur" or "I just graduated" like a selfie in your car.  Your professional images should look just that, professional.  It doesn't have to be stuffy or uptight but it should give people a sense of who you are and often even more importantly, have the professional image you'd like to be regarded by.  



Personal Brand

Personal Brand images take Headshots to the next level.  Social media has changed the way in how people decide whom they're going to choose for products and services.  The "about" section of your website and social media business page profile is the perfect place to give them a more in depth glimpse into who you are when you're outside of the office or.  These, often environment or activity driven images, allow you to project an image of yourself that's consistent with the image you're trying to reach people with.  Because, for today's buying culture, who you are is almost as important as what you do.     



Business Marketing and Web Design Images

Expressing the insight and quality of your business can only be done using top quality imagery on your website and print materials.  Allow me to use my years of professional photography experience to help create images that speak for themselves about your business and to your potential clients.  The online marketplace is too competitive to use anything other than professional quality, high impact imagery.  One of the easiest ways to differentiate yourself from competitors is by using creative, compelling, professional quality images.   



Glamour and Portfolio

These images are designed to get you that next gig or session.  Having several images with different looks can be make or break when you’re going for your dreams.  Or, perhaps you’ve just overcome a huge life challenge or gotten fit and want to celebrate. These images will help you tell your story to that casting director or the world at large. 



Commissioned Artwork

Allow me to help bring your vision to life without having to buy expensive gear or spend years learning photography.   Or use an image I've created with your consultative vision as an inspiration for an art piece of your own. Commissioned Artwork allows you to have custom images created of the scenes you love for your own personal enjoyment or commercial endeavor.  If you've seen something you know is beautiful bu haven't been able to effectively capture it's essence, this may very well be for you.   



The ease and abundance of digital photography has created a gap between the quality of service you and your business provides it's customers and the quality of images so many are using to attract those same customers.  All too often people are using a selfie taken in their car to market themselves to clients or job opportunities. Or perhaps they're using a quick iPhone image to promote a new product or service.'s NOT OK!!! While the fast paced world of social media marketing has increased the demand for instant access quality of images still matters!  There are certainly times when expedience is critical however in the long term his quality, professional images still reign supreme for your personal and business marketing.  


Contact me to discuss your commercial photography needs in the areas of Personal Branding, Business Marketing, Glamour, Product Imagery, Commissioned Artwork and more.  We'll discuss the positive, dramatic impact of custom, professional images on the clients, jobs etc. you're working to attract.


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