5 reasons the Inn at the Old Silk Mill is one of my all time favorite wedding venues

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There are so many beautiful wedding venues to choose from for your special day.  Ranging from rustic to more urban settings the choice can be overwhelming.  This blog series is designed to help you determine the best choice for you by highlighting some of the venues I love working at and showcasing their features from an artistic yet practical perspective.  


5 reasons why the Inn at the Old Silk Mill is one of my all time favorite wedding venues

Ownership and Staff

Without quality ownership and staff the most beautiful venue in the world would fail.  I can confidently say that the owners of The Inn at the Old Silk Mill and every member of their staff are top notch.  I have been working with them for years not only on wedding days but also as a vendor for their excellent bridal shows.  You would have a difficult time finding a group of people more personable and friendly.  Getting in to the wedding industry can be daunting however I have always been welcomed into the Inn at the Old Silk Mill with open arms. Ed and Anna are easily some of the nicest people in the industry and they set the tone for everyone there.  I always look forward to The Inn at the Old Silk Mill dates on my calendar.

You might be wondering…Why is my experience there as a vendor important to you?  The answer is pretty simple really.  If the folks at the Inn at the Old Silk Mill are so great to work with for me as a vendor, I am confident that as a bride and groom, your experience will be even better!       


I fell in love with the Inn at the Old Silk Mill my first time there.  It was several years ago as a guest at a friends wedding.  I loved the reception space with it’s brick walled backdrop and grand, golden light emitting chandelier above the dance floor. Whenever I’m describing the space I say it reminds me of my perfect Manhattan, city-style loft.  You know, the kind in movies that the super cool, bad boy, cop type movie hero guy puts his car on the elevator and brings up upstairs with him?  Very Steve McQueen-esque.  I’m totally serious, it’s so cool!!.   I love the more urban feel it has combined with it’s classic elegance and unlimited nooks and cranny’s for unique photographs and incredible light.  

Another awesome feature are the seemingly endless spaces available for ceremonies.  You can choose to have your ceremony outdoors in several set ups as well as 2 different indoor spaces.  Each environment has it’s own unique feel and style.  They always do a fantastic job customizing each wedding ceremony and have so many ideas and experience to help make your vision come to life.  

Let’s not forget about the Gone With the Wind style staircase in the front foyer, it’s stunning! It showcase’s today’s modern yet classically inspired bride with perfection. From a photographers point of view it’s a dream.  The light is absolutely stunning in the space.  It’s perfect for bridal portraits, groom portraits, bride and groom portraits and small to medium sized family portrait groups.  There’s a gorgeous golden glow later in the day and the space offers almost limitless opportunity to showcase the most important detail of your day, you!  


Located in Historic Downtown Fredericksburg the Inn at the Old Silk Mill is close to so many of the areas must see destinations for tourism and photos.  The on sight grounds are beautiful offering some of the most unique photo opportunities in town.  The brick exterior of the Silk Mill itself and quaintness of the adjacent Copper Shop are stunning.  You will also see many Inn at the Old Silk Mill weddings featuring the surrounding building scape.  The adjacent buildings offer a beautifully unique and historic backdrop that compliment the scenes of the main grounds very well and offer couples an even more unique touch to their wedding day photos.  

Even after saying all of that, the Inn at the Old Silk Mill is located minutes from the colorful storefronts and classic architecture of Downtown Fredericksburg.  It’s also just across the river from Chatham Manor which is absolutely stunning.  Old Mill Park is just down the street as well should you want a few more open space images for your wedding album and wall décor as well.  

Canvas for creativity

I mentioned the beautiful vintage stairwell earlier but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg for a creatively minded couple.  There are beautiful doorways, framed windows, beveled mirrors and historic decorative pieces throughout.  The Copper Shop is an incredible backdrop for groom and groomsmen photos as well as creating juxtaposition for more typically feminine wedding gowns and the softer side of a bride’s jewelry.  It’s such an eclectic space and should not be overlooked on wedding day.  Across the street is the old power plant.  It’s currently unavailable for photos inside but still provides another unique, urban backdrop to add character to your wedding day portrait portfolio.  Behind it is a great place for sunset photos as well.  

Space for everything

I’ve photographed weddings of every size at the Inn at the Old Silk Mill and all of them have felt perfectly at home in the space.  From more intimate weddings of less than 100 guests to larger weddings of well over 150 guests, the space is perfect.  They are able to tailor it for your specific needs and it’s always beautiful.   Dj set ups, photo booths, bands all have space without taking away from the large dance floor and guest tables.   There are countless ways to set up tables including large round tables to long rectangle configurations.  They all work and allow for your style and taste to come to life.


They’re sparkler exits are second to none!!!  Seriously, they have the sparkler exit down pat!  From best choice of sparklers to coordinating guests and the timely lighting of the sparklers themselves.  The Inn at the Old Silk Mill is an epic setting for the perfect sparkler exit! 

If you haven’t already toured the Inn at the Old Silk Mill I highly recommend you add it to your prospective venue list.  An if you have already booked your wedding there congratulations!  It is absolutely beautiful, you are going to love it!  


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