Inn at the Old Silk Mill Wedding // Kaitlin and Thomas

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The Inn at the Old Silk Mill is one of my favorite venues in Downtown Fredericksburg and Kait and Tom's wedding quickly became one of my favorite weddings to date.  I met them months ago at the summer bridal show at the Silk Mill and hit it off with them.  We later met for their consultation and then again for their engagement session and had a great time.  In addition to being a handsome couple they are also incredibly sweet.  They hold hands when they walk, and look into each others eyes seemingly getting lost in their gaze.  What I didn't know though was just how much of a softy Tom is (sorry Tom, it's true!).  As a marine Tom fits the part.  Confident and assertive he carries himself with the assuredness you'd expect of one of America's finest.  In fact, just prior to their wedding he was away for a few weeks of training subjecting him to climates and exercises that had me checking my pocket to make sure my man card was still valid!  It sounded like some grueling stuff!  However, during their ceremony he revealed himself to be one of the kindest and loving people I had ever met.  Truly manly stuff!  I let him know later in the evening that I was irritated because he almost made me cry.  Unacceptable!  Prior to delivering his vows he spoke to Kait's daughter Mabel and let her know she was his best friend, that he would always be there to protect her and that he loved her very much.  He then asked her if he could marry her mother and followed up with a high five and a huge hug.  I'm pretty sure I was in good company when I nearly lost control of my tear ducts!  Seriously, I'm a professional, this is not supposed to happen to me!  Nevertheless, the moment was beautiful and touching to everyone.  

That's not where it stopped either.  As Kait delivered her vows she began to cry.  Mabel, standing behind her, did as well.  There is a photo of her with a tear drop just about to fall onto her cheek in the images below.  It's become one of my all time favorite ceremony images, such a beautiful moment.  

Kait has such a graceful, natural beauty.  Not just in the way she looks but in the way she carries herself.  She laughs with her whole spirit and enjoys moments without a care for who may be watching.  I noticed something really cool about how comfortable her and Tom are together.  I captured a few images of them when they were completely candid and saw the unique way they stand together.  Kait somehow puts her arm up on Tom's shoulder as he holds her around the waist.  It's really cute and natural and just the way they "fit" together.  I first saw it when were were photographing their bride and groom images and later saw it several times throughout the night, it was so adorable!  

During the reception the speeches and dancing were just as touching as the ceremony.  The celebration that followed didn't disappoint either.  Kait and Tom celebrated with their family and friends in a beautiful setting and didn't miss beat in the dance floor.  From the beginning of the day until the sparkler exit it was gorgeous and a pleasure to be a part of.        



The days exceptional vendor lineup:

Venue: The Inn at the Old Silk Mill

Wedding Dress: Serendipity Bridal and Events

Caterer: Foode

DJ/Entertainment, Photo Booth: Adam Carluccio

Florals: Blooms by the Box

Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup Unveiled 

Coordinator: Brianna Harbour

Second Photographer: Christina Gregory


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