Rustic Chic Wedding // Mayleigh and Anthony

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I was really excited to photograph Mayleigh and Anthony's Rustic Chic wedding following their engagement session a few months ago.  Their property is gorgeous and while their horses were not a part of their wedding decor, they were made up for by the overall style of the day.  I am a huge fan of cowboy boots and wedding gowns and the entire bridal party was adorned in them, it was perfect.  Anthony wore his cowboy hat with the confidence of a man who was born to wear one.  It was definitely one of my favorite elements of his attire as it perfectly accented his tan double vented suit.  Mayleigh's dress and hair were gorgeous and expressed her personal style perfectly as well.  Her turquoise garter belt, though kept discretely, was in tune to the grooms tie and handkerchief.  

One of my favorite features of the decor was the cake topper.  It was a man dressed in a camouflage tuxedo being chased and grabbed by his bride.  Though it was hilarious, it did not reflect the sentiment of the groom whatsoever.  Peggy and I were struck by how obvious Anthony’s love for Mayleigh is, it was beautiful to watch.  I hope we were able to capture it in the pictures below so you can see it as well.  Naturally the gesture was returned by Mayleigh and some of my favorite images of her are during the wedding ceremony when she is looking at him.  The expression in her eyes is as if to say, "I am yours and am giving you my everything."  It's breath taking.  

It is said that a person's character can be told by the company they keep.  Mayleigh and Anthony certainly are kept by an amazing group of friends and family.  It was fun watching them celebrate the bride and groom and the genuine joy they showed made the evening all that much more special.  Peggy and I had a great time as well getting to know them throughout the day and were so happy to have been asked to participate in their celebration.


Top class vendors participating in the day included the following:

Hair and Make up :  Rain Salon of Ashburn

Dress by:  Bella Rosa Bridal

Brides Maid Dresses:  Tiffany's Bridal

Groom's formal wear:  Men's Wearhouse

Florals:  Briarwood Florist

Tent and Lighting:  FDS Tents

Entertainment:  Spectrum Band

Catering:  DeFazio's Catering

Cake:  Fat Girl Cakes



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